Gangloff Scoma


Gangloff Scoma is a French owned company that was established in 1925 and is based in Chassieu, France. The merger between Gangloff and Scoma in 1993 increased the company’s notoriety and has shown a significant change in its developments of filling machinery.With its 80 years of experience in the construction of filling equipment for drinks and liquids, Gangloff Scoma has been extremely dynamic and innovative with their unique concept.

Gangloff Scoma produces tailor made fillers that can be adapted to any type of liquid production with a velocity of 60 000 bph which makes their machines the fastest on today’s market. With a focus/specialization in still and carbonated water, syrups, wines and spirits, Gangloff Scoma guarantees high precision and ultra clean volumetric filling, with neither liquid loss nor contact with the bottles.