About Us

Icopag is a medium-sized structure allowing us to be able to adapt to the needs of our customers. Due to our strong growth in Asia and Africa, Icopag was created to support the high demand in the food, beverage, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries.

For the past decade, our staff from Icopag has developed the technology to offer turnkey solutions to the industries dealing with liquid, viscous and doughy products. We constantly strive for excellence and focus all of our efforts towards the customer so that our services and assessments reach the client’s expectations with outstanding quality machinery and equipment. Icopag works with small to large manufacturers from Asia and Europe with the technical leadership to offer specific solutions in filling, conveying, packaging, labeling and capping for all liquids, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals products.

Adapting to the international market by having a strong knowledge of the needs with the local and international restraints that comes with, Icopag exercises its expertise in the alleged emerging countries. With the experience accumulated by our diverse staff on the Asian, European, African and North American continents, Icopag has been able to provide its clients with the perfect mastery of the technologies implemented at the level of the process including the level of packaging. With the use of materials known for their reliability and performance, Icopag pushes for perfection.